2001 - Jackie turns 40

In April I went to dinner with Graham at Fredericks in Islington.  Imagine my surprise when dinner turns out to be in a private room with The girls and Graham"les girls" from college.

Suddenly I have a glass of champagne in my hand then I have to open presents then it's silly string !

And, then, there are candles, not a whole 40, thank goodness, to be blown out - in one go !

Taking a deep breath Yippee !

The guests at this rowdy (well, for nearly 40-year-olds) affair were:

Mark, Anne, Sue, 

Krysia & Mark
and here is Graham and myself.

We talked and laughed and drank and pulled funny faces and took photographs.

The next day I tried out one of my presents on the roof - not really the best place for kite-flying:

Hold it up !

See, from down here, it looks convincing.

Oops !