August 2002
Arundel Castle with Elizabeth and Andrew

External view of the Barbican and the West Wing
This year Elizabeth brought Andrew from America for a visit.
We drove down to Arundel Castle on the South coast.
Arundel is the seat of the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl Marshal of England.

The castle is still used as a home and the bedrooms, mostly on the first floor, are open to the public only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays because they are used for weekend parties.

Looking up to the Keep The oldest part of the castle is the Keep, looming high on the mound  above the Barbican in this picture.  When you climb to the top, you have great views over Arundel and into the inner court of the castle.
Elizabeth and Andrew The Cathedral from the top of the Keep The inner court of the castle
Elizabeth and Andrew The Cathedral The Inner Courtyard

Bridge over moat The Keep and the Barbican
This bridge leads over the moat to the gateway below. Another view of the Keep and the Barbican
Looking down on the Fitzalan and Howard Lion and Horse The Lion and the Horse
The Lion and the Horse of the Fitzalan and Howard  families guard the gate to the private part of the Castle.


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