France 2000
Saumur on the Loire

The hotel we found was called Anne d'Anjou and was on river bank, under the castle.  It was an eighteenth century building with a magnificent staircase, complete with a trompe d'oeil of a dome.

The staircase of the Hotel Anne d'AnjouLooking up to the castle from our roomJackie and Graham in room under eaves

Here you can see the staircase, the view of the castle from our room and the two of us in our room under the eaves.  On the TV you can just see the end of the Netherlands vs Italy semi-final for the Euro 2000 tournament.

We went for a walk in the early evening.  Here are views of the town from the walk.

Saumur castle - early eveningThe old buildings in SaumurNew buildings built in the old style

The Chateau is very pretty and dominates the area.
It was interesting to see the new buildings that had been built in the same style as the old town.
The Chateau is currently being maintained,
which spoils my photo slightly but is a necessary evil to protect the sight for future tourists, I suppose.

Castle yard, showing work being done on Castle

Saumur is on the Loire and this is a view from the same spot as the picture above over the river.

View from Castle over Loire

We carried on down to the main square, with its church and many restaurants, in search of dinner.
After Graham took these photographs, we finally decided on the Auberge St Pierre.

Jackie outside the church, wondering where Graham is and when can we have dinner ?Graham's taking this photo of the Church

After dinner, we strolled back down to the river back and saw the Chateau all lit up.

The Castle with its floodlighting