France 2000
The Castle at Montreille-Bellay

South of Saumur is an old Chateau, Montreille-Bellay, one of the seats of the Angevin lords who became Kings of England in the 13th Century.  We visited it in the morning of Friday 30 June, crossing an old bridge and winding our way up the little streets of the old village, until we found the entrance to the castle, through old curtain walls and ramparts.
These pictures are of the buildings and gardens within the main walls.

View of the Chateau rooftops ------- The main keep of the Chateau ------- Graham looking into the garden

Just inside the door on the left of the main keep is a grand spiral staircase.  The first flight is broad and shallow so that knights could ride their horses upto the entrance to the dining hall !

Below the keep, between the castle and the River Thouey, was a garden:

The private garden of the Chateau

There is also a public garden, between the Castle and the Chapel, which you can see on the left.
As you can see, it was a little grey on this morning of our holiday.

The public garden-------The public garden-------The public garden

The chapel itself was very pretty inside.

Inside the chapel

The stained glass window above the altar was lovely and I tried to capture it by exposing the camera for the dark interior of the building.  It gives you an idea.

Inside the chapel