France 2000
A weekend at St Nectaire

We spent Saturday and Sunday night in St Nectaire, enjoying not being on the move.

The town is very pretty, especially since there are public gardens with beautiful flowers.  The church is a well-known example of local architectural styles.  It is built on the top of a cliff, next to the town hall, while the gardens and spa facilities are in the valley below.

A view from the valley to the church The Town Hall (Mairie) square from the church
Here is the view looking up to the church. Here is the view from the church to the Town Hall.

The stream in the valley The gardens by the old spa building A fountain in the garden
We went for a walk around the gardens in front of the old spa building.  The glass building was where you used to be able to sit and take the waters.  There still appeared to be some working parts but there was no-one there so we didn't try out the water - just in case.  It was beautiful and hot weather.
The glass house with the waters The high cliffs More flowers

After the walk, we sat at a cafe in the shade, sampled local wine & fare and wrote postcards.  We had the local St Nectaire fondu.  This comprised the local cheese - a disc about 5 inches in diameter - with a hard crust, heated in the oven until the soft inside melted and served with bread.  It was delicious !
Jackie writing postcards waiting for lunch

Then we made the most of our two night stay and of the weather by sunbathing and having a swim in the outdoor pool.  As you can see, it was very quiet.  Being the beginning of July, the holiday season was not in full swing so on a Sunday afternoon, we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

Brr !  That's cold ! Are you taking a picture of me ? I've been in that pool !