France 2000
Day 7 - back South, through the passes to Salers

Next we headed for a high ridge marked on the map to the South of Volvic, aiming for an old walled town, Salers, which is now off the beaten track.

We stopped for lunch in Orcival, a little village at the bottom of a steep valley.  We had a lovely meal in a little hotel, served by a very miserable woman.

Hotel in Orcival

Then we carried on South and the weather deteriorated.  The upside was that we had some spectacular sights with the moutains wreathed in low cloud and valleys shining in sunlight.

View from first stop View from first stop View from first stop
View from second stop View from second stop
View from third stop - including in the distance the castle we saw yesterday View from third stop View from third stop - looking up the road we are taking

As we climbed up the ridge, we met the clouds marching across the landscape.
The lower pass, visible in the picture above at the right, was Col d'Eylac.

Col d'Eylac Corner of cafe at Col d'Eylac A first view of the long ridges that come down from these mountains

The higher pass was Col de Peyrol.  We had intended to climb to the top of the Pas de Peyrol but decided against it, given the weather - not only was it cold but the view was not very good.

Pas de Peyrol from the cloud line
Looking back from halfway up the path.
View one from Pas de Peyrol
View under lowering skies.
View 2 from Pas de Peyrol
The sun is shining in the distance !
Looking up to see the cloud-line
Looking up the path from the bottom.

So we continued on our way, down the other side of the ridge and along the valley to Salers.

Sunshine on the other side Looking back towards Pay de Peyrol

Left view from window Centre view and main hotel building Right view from our window

It was going dark as we arrived.  Above are three views from the window of our room, in the annexe across the small street from the Hotel Baillage.