France 2000
Day 8 - climbing the Puy Mary
From Salers we retraced our route to go back to the high ridge 
to see if we could climb the peak, Puy Mary, today.

It was a much better day today.  There was blue sky and sun, although there were also low clouds.  That just made the views from the top more interesting.

Puy Mary from the pass
The start of the climb.
Graham on top
After the climb, savouring the view.
The plaque at the top
At the top, a plaque with distances.
View 1 from Puy Mary
The road we are about to take, winding away.
Puy Mary sits at the centre of seven valleys.  I have created some panoramas to try and give a sense of what they looked like from the centre point.  To see the panoramas, select the text below: 
Panorama One
Panorama Two
Panorama Three
View 2 from Puy Mary
Wild flowers, cloud and forest.
Looking down the path The path up to the path is quite steep, 
as can be seen from these pictures.
We were glad to have our walking shoes
unlike some people in open-toed sandals.
On the road below you can see all the 

cars parked.  Ours was amongst them.
It was good to sit down after the climb 
and start working out the next stage.
The path is very steep
After the climb, glad to sit down.