France 2000
Day 8 - On to Moulins
From the pass we headed East over the ridge and dropped down into the valleys on the other side, heading towards the autoroute.

Massiac We stopped for lunch in Massiac, a town in the valley.  We found a very nice pizza place, tucked away in a back street.  Then we carried on, stopping only when we saw some spectacular sunflowers on the side of the road, all turning their faces to the sun. Sunflowers
Wild flowers by the side of the road. This part of the road was very straight.  It looked amazing.  When we were driving, we had the roof down, hence my cap to keep my hair back.  We had to put the roof up to be able to extricate the camcorder from the boot.  Jackie on the long road

We stopped for the night on the way North at Moulins.
This is an old city, the historic capital of the Bourbon dynasty, the Kings of France.

The cathedral in Moulins We went for a walk 
and found the cathedral.
Taking a walk in Moulins
Then we decided to relax
at a cafe before eating dinner
just opposite at L'Ancien Palais.
Water and wine Graham was there too !