The Friends who came
to the Wedding of Jane Murgatroyd
and Jean-Philippe Stapleton
1 September 2000

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Liza, Phyl and Jackie - NB this shows the hats with the right owner

Jane and Liza clutching their champagne Bill and Mike, just chillin'
Bill posing; Phyl desperate to be in the frame !
Phyl and Bill - now that hat does NOT belong to him !
Liza and Bill - that hat isn't HERS either
Phyl, Liza and Bill - see what happens when hats get switched - glad I left mine in the car !
Liza emerging from NOT HER hat and Bill, driven to drink ! Phyl - see, if I lift the bow, you can see me !
Phyl, with JP in background, looking rightly worried
Jane braving the insanity of the (ex-)Kingfisher table Who is this poor man, whom Phyl keeps grabbing ?
Jane and Phyl