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This website is a convenient place to post our Christmas letters, see below, but I realise how old-fashioned it looks.  I now have a blog – two, in fact: one for writing about subjects related to my profession as an internal auditor and one for other observations, reviews, thoughts, etc. I also “do” Facebook; I tweet – again in two ways: professional and personal; and I have a LinkedIn profile.  Here are all the links to ways you can contact me.

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Christmas Letters

BREAKING NEWS February 2014: 2012 and 2013 letters updated with links to photographs!

Each year, my partner and I write a letter to keep our friends up to speed with our activities.  Here are the letters for recent years, with links to related sites and more illustrations:

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Photo Albums

Here is my first photo album - it is from the wedding of my friends, Jane and JP, in September 2000.

And, now, my second photo album - a trip to Madrid, Spain, in February 2000.

On 20 May 2000, Graham and I went to the last FA Cup final to be held before Wembley Stadium was closed for refurbishment.

The holiday Graham and I took in France in June/July 2000 .

On 6 April 2001, I had my 40th birthday.  This is the party Graham organised for me: Surprise !

Aunty Gladys was 80 in 2003 and her son arranged a surprise party for her.

In June 2001 , Graham and I went to Andalucia in Southern Spain.

My friend Elizabeth and her 5-year-old son, Jonathan, came for a visit and we went to Paris and Warwick Castle in November 2001.  She came again with her 9-year-old, Andrew, and we went to Arundel Castle in August 2002.

During 2001 and 2002, I have been trying to visit some London museums, in particular those that have opened new developments, often thanks to Lottery money.  There are some momentoes of my visits on my Museums page.


I am practising writing by composing reviews and fan fiction related to one of my favourite TV programmes, JAG .

A Few Words of Explanation ...

I joined the digital revolution with one of these, an Olympus C2000Zoom digital stills camera.

The pictures up until June 2001 were taken with this camera.  It could snap images at up to 1600 x 1200 resolution (that's about three foot across on a 17 inch monitor !).  Pictures were really sharp as it uses technology similar to "normal" 35 mm SLRs.

In June 2001 I upgraded to the Olympus C3030Zoom:

It looks similar, doesn't it ?  Well it has 3.34 megapixels for storing pictures, as opposed to the 2.1 for the earlier camera.  It can take images at up to 2,048 x 1,536 resolution.  The quality of the lens is good and the focusing and all.  It also has the ability to take little movies, using QuickTime JPEG format.  It is interesting how evocative the addition of sound can be, although it took me a while to learn not to hold a movie camera in Portrait orientation !

And in 2006 I changed tack to a tiny Canon Digital IXUS 55, the size of the palm of my hand.  The intention was to be able to have it with me at all times to take pictures of events I attend for work.  But, although it IS good for that, we also discovered that it takes pictures as good as the Olympus, without the weight.  so, it is my preferred camera now.

Canon IXUS 55